Privacy Policy

The information we gather about you depends on the context. By and large, it’s information about you that can personally identify you — either on its own or when combined with other information.

The following describes the information we collect and how we obtain it.

A) Information Collected Through LEGEND Services.

1. Information You Voluntarily Give Us


For Registration:

When you sign up for a LEGEND Service (e.g., a subscription), we collect your contact information and account credentials. Once you’re registered, we assign you a unique ID number. This ID number helps us recognize you when you’re signed in.
For some LEGEND Services, you can instead sign up by linking your Apple, Facebook or Google account. See “From Other Sources” below.
If you register for an event or conference, we might ask for additional information (e.g., your company name, your job title or your dietary restrictions).

For Billing:

To process payments or donations, we collect and use your payment information.
This can include your name, your address, your telephone number, your email address, your credit or debit card information and any other relevant information.


For User-Generated Content:

We offer you the ability to post content that other users can read (e.g., comments or recipe reviews). Anyone can read, collect and use any personal information that accompanies your posts. See the Comments F.A.Q., or read “User-Generated Content” in our Terms of Service for more information.
We do not have to publish any of your content. If the law requires us to take down, remove or edit your personal information, we will comply to the required extent.


For Contests, Sweepstakes and Special Offers:

When you sign up for these, you give us your name, email and any other required information.


For Reader Surveys, Research, Panels and Experience Programs:

We may gather information through questionnaires, surveys and feedback programs. We may also conduct similar research for advertisers. We will ask you for your consent to use this information when and if you participate in these programs and events.


During Contact With Our Call Centers:

We may collect information from you when you place an order over the phone or contact customer service through one of our (current or future) toll-free numbers.


Personal Contacts Data:

We never scan your device for your contacts or upload that data.
With your consent, we may comply with your requests to collect data about your friends, family or acquaintances (e.g., Refer a Friend campaigns). This functionality is only meant for U.S. residents. By using it, you acknowledge and agree that both you and your contacts are based in the United States —

and that you have everyone’s consent for us to use their contact information.

2. Information We May Collect Automatically


With Tracking Technologies in Your Browser and Mobile Apps:

These technologies may include cookies, web beacons, tags and scripts, software development kits (or SDKs) and beyond.

We may track and store data about how you visit and use LEGEND Services, particularly through our websites and apps (current or future). The items we would log include:


Your IP address


Your location


Your operating system


Your browser


Your browser language


The URLs of any pages you visit on our sites and apps (current or future)


Device identifiers


Advertising identifiers


Other usage information.


We may combine this data with other information we collect about you. For more information about tracking methods on LEGEND Services, and how to manage them, read our Cookie Policy.
If your browser doesn’t accept our cookies, you may not be able to access certain parts of our websites (e.g., your account on Because the “Do Not Track” browser-based standard signal has yet to gain widespread acceptance, we may not respond to those signals.


With GPS Technologies:

Some of our apps (current or future) may provide content based on your GPS location, if you enable this feature. Your GPS location is your exact location.

You choose whether to enable GPS features when you first install the app. You can edit that setting on your device at any time. If you enable these features, your GPS location can be found by satellite, cell phone tower or Wi-Fi and used by the app. If you save a location-based search in your history, that data may move to our service provider’s servers — see below for the definition of service provider.
If you do not enable GPS location-based services, or if a specific app does not have location-based features, we won’t collect your precise GPS location. We may collect your IP address, which can establish your approximate location. Ads on our sites and apps (current or future) may be targeted based on this approximate location, but are never targeted based on your GPS location.


3. Information Collected Automatically by third parties

We accept Google’s Privacy Policy and may use their services for advertisement purposes, which may use Cookies that would be processed by Google and it's affiliates.


Refer Google’s “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services”.

Here is a list of your information types that might be collected and used by Google and it's affiliates;

Your IP address

Your location

Your operating system

Your browser

Your browser language

The URLs of any pages you visit on our sites and apps (future or current)

Device identifiers

Advertising identifiers

Other usage information.

B) Information Collected From Other Sources.

Privately Owned Databases:

Marketing, data analytic and social media-owned databases give us access to a range of information — like public data, survey data and beyond. This data sometimes includes your mailing address, your gender, your age, your household income and other demographic data.

Social Media Platforms and Other Third-Party Services:

(Social media platforms include Facebook. Third-party services include Google, Kindle and Nook.)
You can link your social media or other third-party account to LEGEND. By linking the services, you authorize us to collect, store and use any information they may give us (e.g., your email address). You can disconnect your registration from third-party accounts at any time.

We also receive information from you when you interact with our pages, groups, accounts or posts on social media platforms. This includes aggregate data on our followers (e.g., age, gender and location), engagement data (e.g., “likes,” comments, shares, reposts and clicks), awareness data (e.g., number of impressions and reach) and individual users’ public profiles.

For more information, refer to our social login, Kindle and Nook F.A.Q.

Workplace and Schools:

When your employer or school buys an organization-wide subscription to LEGEND, they sometimes provide us with your name and organization email address to grant you access as a user.

A note about future updates:

We are always improving our services, and we create new features regularly. These updates sometimes require us to collect new information, or use what we already have differently. If there is a significant or material change in the way we handle your personal information, we will notify you either through email or when you visit our website (to renew data usage consent) or both.

C) What is OUR Legal basis?

In some jurisdictions, like the European Union and the European Economic Area, we only collect, use or share information about you when we have a valid reason. This is called “lawful basis.” Specifically, this is one of the following:

The consent you provide to us at the point of collection of your information

The performance of the contract we have with you


The compliance of a legal obligation to which we are subject or


The legitimate interests of LEGEND or a third party. 


“Legitimate interest” is a technical term under international laws, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. It means that there are good reasons for the processing of your personal information, and that we take measures to minimize the impact on your privacy rights and interests. “Legitimate interest” also refers to our use of your data in ways you would reasonably expect and that have a minimal privacy impact.

We have a legitimate interest in gathering and processing personal information, for example: (1) to ensure that our networks and information are secure; (2) to administer and generally conduct business within LEGEND; (3) to prevent fraud; and (4) maybe to conduct our marketing activities.

D) What may we do with the information we collect, with consent, about you?


1. We provide the LEGEND Services.

We may use your information to help you use and navigate LEGEND Services, such as:

Making a LEGEND Service available to you


Arranging access to your account


Providing customer service


Responding to your inquiries, requests, suggestions or complaints


Completing your payments and transactions


Sending service-related messages (e.g., a change in our terms and conditions)


Saving your reading list, recipes or property searches


Displaying Crossword stats


Letting you take part in paid services, polls, promotions, surveys, panels, research and comments.


2. We may Personalize Your Experience.


We may track your interests and reading habits (e.g., the articles you read) to personalize your reading experience using technology like algorithmic recommendations and machine learning. This is how we may highlight articles you might be interested in and de-emphasize articles you’ve already read. For more information about content personalization on LEGEND Services, you can read the Personalization F.A.Q. We may also show you prices, promotions, products or services we believe you’ll find interesting, based on demographic and usage data.

3. We Allow You to Share User-Generated Content.


Any information you disclose in your content becomes public — along with your chosen screen name and uploaded photo.


4. We may Develop Products and Services, and Do Analysis.


We may analyze data on our users’ subscription, purchase and usage behaviors. This helps us make business and marketing decisions.

For example, the analysis would let us predict preferences and price points for our products and services. It would help us determine whether our marketing is successful. It would also show us characteristics about our readers, which we may sometimes share in aggregate with advertisers.

Google Analytics is one of the analytics providers we may use. You can find out how Google Analytics uses data and how to opt out of Google Analytics.


5. We may Carry Out Administrative Tasks.


For auditing: We may verify that our internal processes work as intended and comply with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.

For fraud and security monitoring: We may detect and prevent cyberattacks or unauthorized robot activities.

For customer satisfaction: We may assess users’ satisfaction with LEGEND Services and our - current or future - customer care team.


The above activities may involve outside companies, agents or contractors (“service providers”) with whom we may share your personal information for these purposes (discussed further below).


6. We may Offer Sweepstakes, Contests and Other Promotions.


You may be able to take part in our sweepstakes, contests and other promotions that we might offer. Some might have additional rules about how we may use and disclose your personal information.


7. We may Allow for Personalized Advertising on LEGEND Services and Create Audiences for Third-Party Advertisers.


We may gather data and work with third parties to show you personalized ads on behalf of advertisers. This data may come from ad tracking technologies set by us or the third party (e.g., cookies), the information you provide (e.g., your email address), your use of LEGEND Services (e.g., your reading history), information from advertisers or advertising vendors (e.g., demographic data) and anything inferred from any of this information. We would only use or share this information in a manner that does not reveal your identity. For example, we may use Google to serve ads on LEGEND Services. Google may use cookies or unique device identifiers, in combination with their own data, to show you ads based on you visiting and other sites. You can opt out of the use of the Google cookies by visiting the related Google privacy policy.


We may also identify groups of users to whom to serve personalized ads on behalf of our advertisers. To do this, we may combine information we may collect through surveys with information we may have collected automatically using tracking technologies while you browsed our sites or apps (current or future). This combined information may be used to build models. These data models may then be used to measure users’ attributes, like their demographic information or their interests. Working with service providers, we may use these measurements to group users by common attributes. Each group is associated with a random ID which may then be passed to our ad server for use in targeting ad campaigns on our site and apps (current or future).


Another example is affiliate link vendors, which we may use in our guides and product recommendations. LEGEND Services may include links that may send you to vendor URLs and other services not operated or controlled by us. These vendors may use cookies and other technologies to collect information about your navigation from the LEGEND Services to the merchant you may be visiting. If you buy a product after following a link to a link vendor’s URL, we may earn a commission.


Additional notes:


For more about targeted advertising, and how to opt out with your specific browser and device, go to the DAA Webchoices Browser Check and NAI Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising. You can download the AppChoices app to opt out in mobile apps. You can also follow the instructions in the What Are Your Rights? section below.

We may try to limit how our third-party advertising technology vendors may use the information they gather from you. Many of these providers require us to enter into contracts that allow them to optimize their own services and products, or that help them create their own.


Essentially, these providers combine any information they gather about you through LEGEND Services with information they receive from their other clients. This helps them target ads to you on behalf of their other clients, not just us.


These third parties sometimes may use other services in order to serve ads; check their privacy policies for more details. For further information on tracking technologies and your rights and choices regarding them, see the applicable Cookie Policy.


8. We may Advertise LEGEND Services to You.


We may market our properties to you. Sometimes we may use marketing vendors to do this.


We may serve ads through websites, locations, platforms and services operated and owned by third parties. Often these ads are targeted at people who have visited or registered for a LEGEND Service but have not subscribed or purchased anything. The ads are also targeted at people with similar traits or behaviors to our subscribers or customers.


We may target our advertising to these users by uploading an encrypted customer list to a third party, or by incorporating a tracking technology from a third party onto our LEGEND Service. The third party would then match individuals who appear in both our data and their data. Because of how this matching process works, the third party wouldn’t be able to read our encrypted customer list if they don’t already have it.


To opt out of receiving these matched ads, contact the applicable third parties. For example, when we may use “Custom Audience” to serve you our ad through Facebook, you should be able to hover over the box in the right corner of that Facebook ad and opt out. We are not responsible for any third party’s failure to comply with opt-out requests.


We may periodically send you targeted email newsletters or promotional emails. For information on opting out of these emails, see What Are Your Rights?


9. We may Aggregate (or De-identify) Personal Information Into Larger Findings.


Sometimes we may aggregate or de-identify information so that it can no longer identify you, under applicable laws. This would help us better understand and represent our users, such as when we may measure ad performance, create advertising interest-based segments or compile survey results. We may use and disclose this aggregated or de-identified information for any purpose, unless an applicable law says otherwise.

E) With Whom May We Share the Information We Gather?

A) Within LEGEND:

We may share your information with our affiliates (current or future) for the purposes listed here. See a list of our affiliates.

B) With Service Providers:

We may work with service providers, as defined above, to carry out certain tasks:

Processing your payments

Fulfilling your orders

Maintaining technology and related infrastructure

Offering you customer service

Serving and targeting ads

Measuring ad performance

Presenting surveys

Shipping you products and mailings

Distributing emails

List processing and analytics

Managing and analyzing research

Managing promotions

When performing these tasks, service providers often have access to your personal information.

We sometimes may allow them to use aggregated or de-identified information for other purposes, in accordance with applicable laws

C) With Other Third Parties:

There are situations when we may share your information with third parties beyond our service providers. We would never share your email address with these third parties without your consent, except in encrypted form to engage in the matched ads process described above.

1. If you’re a U.S. print subscriber (current or future), we may share your name and mailing address (among other information) with other reputable companies that would want to market to you by mail.

2. We may share information about our live event and conference attendees (e.g., your name, your company or your job title) with the event sponsors. In those cases we notify you when you provide us the information.

3. We may share information about participants in our sweepstakes, contests and similar promotions with the promotions’ sponsors. In those cases we notify you when you provide us the information.

4. We may process payments you make through LEGEND Services with external services.
There are two ways this may happen:


We may collect your information and share it with the third-party service for processing.

The third-party service collects your information for processing.

5. In the event of a transfer of ownership of LEGEND in part or whole, we would have a legitimate interest in disclosing or transferring your information to a third party — such as an acquiring entity and its advisers.

6. We may preserve or share personal information if the law requires us to do so. We may also preserve or share personal information if we believe it would be necessary to:

Comply with the law or with legal process

Protect and defend our rights and property

Protect against misuse or unauthorized use of LEGEND Services

Protect the safety or property of our users or the general public (e.g., if you provide false information or attempt to pose as someone else, we could share your information to help investigations into your actions)

Cooperate with government authorities, which could be outside your country of residence.

7. We may disclose public activities in our RSS feeds, APIs (current or future) and other distribution formats. Your public activities could thus appear on other websites, blogs or feeds.